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Faculty of DIS

Professor and Dean, School of Design and Information Technology

Chair Department of Information Technology ,

Rung-Shiang Cheng Ph.D.

E-mail:  rscheng@ocu.edu.tw

Office:213, Chin-yuan Building  TEL:+886-4-27016855 etc.2771

Chair of Department of Computer-aided Industrial Design



Office:221, Chin-yuan Building  TEL:+886-4-27016855 etc.2231

Chair of Department of Innovative Living Design

Chien-Liang Chen Ph.D.

E-mail: clchen@ocu.edu.tw

Office:125, Li-Shin Building  TEL:+886-4-27016855 etc.2291

Chair of Department of Multimedia and Game Design

Yu-Liang Lui Ph.D.

E-mail: ylliu@ocu.edu.tw

OFFICE:123, Li-Shin Building   TEL:+886-4-27016855 etc.2301